Beer Bunny or Pop Can Easter Egg Hunt




Introduction: Beer Bunny or Pop Can Easter Egg Hunt

Why should kids have all the fun at egg hunts? Why only for Easter?

Decorate your yard for a party with these fun rabbit beverages. Or prank a friend any time, especially April Fools Day, with a visit from the Beer Bunny (or the Lemonade Fairy).


  • Googly eyes- medium or bigger recommended
  • Pipe Cleaners (White, Black, Brown, Green)
  • Glue- hot glue recommended Tape can be used if in a hurry.
  • Can Beverages- Coke, Sprite, Energy Drink, Beer, etc. Adjust proportions according to your crowd.
  • Optional- Mini alcohol (think airplane size)

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Step 1: Glue Eyes and Ears

Make sure cans are dry. Room temperature is best.

Glue two googly eyes to each can.

Loop pipe cleaner into ear shape. Glue a pair on the back. If you use a little extra glue, you can hang the can by its ears.

Tip: Let the eyes cool dry before rolling over to put ears on. The eyes will keep the can from rolling.

Tape on alcohol if desired. Tape will work for eyes and ears, but isn't as pretty.

Step 2: Place, Hunt, Enjoy

Place your cans around the yard. If you want to make it harder to find, put the can against the most similarly colored background. Can you find the "rabbits" in these pictures? If you are a good hider, you might want to write the date on the bottom in sharpie.

Easter Eggs are thought to be an Easter symbol since the outside looks dead, but inside is new life- just like the empty tomb of Jesus and the new life he offers. An empty can could be seen as a modern update of the tradition.

You can safely set them outside in advance, including the rain. You might not be so lucky with candy filled eggs since animal critters like to open them before you (I learned the hard way). In the case of alcohol, it's also better if the grown ups find what the Beer Bunny leaves before the children. Or maybe that is part of the prank?

Enjoy the hunt! Leave pictures of your creations too.

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    where did u find the green coke can?


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    It's the Coke "Life" can which uses cane sugar and stevia as sweetner. It's marketed somewhere between full calorie and diet. It's pretty hard to hide a red can of coke, so this kind is perfect for a hunt. Not every store does carry it. In my case it was QFC (a division of Kroger).


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very funny! I hosted an adult easter egg hunt last year and these bunnies might have to make an appearance if we go for Part 2!