Beer Cans As Hair Rollers




Introduction: Beer Cans As Hair Rollers

Think "Lady Gaga" in telephone...only trashier.

This is a great look for a Halloween costume, any America themed party, or Bay to Breakers (as I most recently sported). It is super easy to do and gives BIG results!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies.

You'll need:

1.) Some beer cans; rinsed and dry.

2.) Hairspray

3.) Bobby pins

4.) A comb

Step 2: Hairspray the Cans.

Make sure that the cans are dry and empty and then hairspray them all around.

Step 3: Section and Tease.

Section out a small rectangle of hair. Make sure that the section is no bigger than the length of the can. Tease the hair a little bit for some extra volume and hold.

Step 4: Add Some More Hairspray.

Apply some hairspray to both sides of the section.

Step 5: Roll 'em Up!

Starting at the end, roll the hair up in the cans.

Step 6: Secure With Bobby Pins.

Bobby pin the hair that you've rolled to the hair at your base. Use as many as you need beneath the can for it to feel secure.

Step 7: Repeat for Desired Effect.

Add as many cans as you'd like depending on the look you're going for. I like to do three but you can do you're entire head depending on the occasion!



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    14 Discussions

    you have to get hair sp

    interesting idea ... instead bigoudi can throw hot water inside.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    plastic_hair_curler_634579225009751136_2 (1).jpg

    4 years ago

    does ot matter which brand of beer can? Im a Budwiser hair guy myself.... ;)

    1 reply

    um, you might want to add, this really does curl your hair. I had a music teacher in the 70's (she was just a teenager) that used coke cans, tomato sauce cans, soup cans, socks....I can't count how many weird things I saw in her hair while I practiced my scales. Makes soft waves to tight curls, depending on how much hairspray (she used Dippidy Dee hair gel) and obviously the size of the cans.

    1 reply

    That is true! I only have done it for costume reasons but if you ever found yourself with out access to a curling iron or rolling sets, this would definitely do the trick!

    Really cool and simple idea! Any final post-can pictures...?

    1 reply

    The first picture is a good shot of the final product...I only did three cans total. 5 also looks good.

    creative idea to use the simple household articles to get the task done.

    Could you edit it and show a picture of the final product? I'd love to see it as soon as possible

    My friend used to use soup cans or juice cans on her hair, that was back in 1969! I always wondered if it hurt!

    one word came to mind... classy