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First of all I'm sorry that I can't provide a full instructable but this is an older project, and I think because of the fact that this is a german fire alarm box, its more of an idea giving instructable :-D.
But now on to the beer alarm box.
Ever had the problem at some private party that you want to order or get a beer and the bartender flirts with some girls and ignores you. Here is is the solution THE BEER ALARM BOX.
This is how it works:
The beer alarm box is a modded fire alarm box that makes an annoying sound and lights up the word BIER!(beer in German) when the button is pushed. To stop the sound you need the key that opens the fire alarm box, because there is no switch on the outside :-D . So give the key to you're party`s bartender, and when you want a beer push the button and he will have to come and can't ignore you any longer.
But pictures say more than words:-D

Step 1: Houseing Parts

The beer alarm box consists of an old fire alarm box (from Germany) with a builtin cyloncircuit.
Parts you need:
-Old fire alarm box
-projektbox with a clear top
-some screws and nuts to mount the projektbox
-a piece of Plexi that fits the projektbox

Step 2: The Cyloncircuit

I used the cylocircuit from
(see the link for parts and scematics)
Instead of one of the two 180k resistors i used a 500k Poti to control the speed of the cylonlight
and instead of the 330 Ohm resistor infront of the LED I used two more LEDs in row.

Step 3: Build It

Start with the cyloncircuit. Because of the little space in in the fire alarm box I decided to build three separate small boards and wire them together.
One board with the 555 timer the poti and the cap, the otherone with the 4017 the and the diodes
and the third one with the LEDdrivers.
The cyloncircuit provides 6 signals, I used only 5 for the LEDs (because we have just "BIER!" or "BEER!" to light up) and on the first signal I connected a small opener relais and a "Summer"?? (I don't know how you call it in makes the annoying sound)
Between the 9V battery and the cyloncircuit I soldered the switch of the fire alarm box
Squeezed everything in and you're done with the first part.
Mount the projektbox with two screws ontop of the fire alarm box and drill a hole in the projektbox where there is the hole in the fire alarm box .
Thats where you run through the wires for the LEDs

The Beer sign:
I engraved the word BIER! in a piece of plexi and hotglued the LEDs with signal #2 to B #3 to I #4 to E ... and so on.

If you have done this mount the the piece of plexi with some hotglue in the projektbox and enjoy :-D

P.s.: don't loose the key because as mentioned before there is no switch on the outside ;-)



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