Beer Bottle USB Lamp...

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Made this on a whim, would be a slideshow but my camera got stolen when my mum was borrowing it... So phone pictures.

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Step 1: Things You'll Need

There's not much to it, I made this because all these things were sitting on my desk.

-Pliers (with wire cutting bit)
-A spare USB cable
-Some lights/LEDS, Mine were acquired from an Ikea light set that runs on four AA batteries (these cost a pound and have a great battery holder with switch and wires for projects.) You'll see in the picture that mine has dim lights and a really bright one, I took the end bulb out of the circuit to make it like that.

Step 2: Making the Connection

Since this is a temporary kind of thing, I did this with no soldering and twisted the wires together like so:

Strip a good bit of insulation from your pairing wires, bring them alongside eachother and twist the strands into eachother until they're tight, now fold the twisted part over and twist this, that ensures a good connection and it's very strong compared to a few twists and a bit of tape.

Again I'd like to apologize for the poor quality of my photos, I really miss my camera, You'll notice that my how to talk to an ex instructable has odd photos I pulled from my 'stock' of photos on my computer (thanks to messing with the camera and being a bit of photographer it made it easy enough) But I hate phone cameras for this reason (look down)

Step 3: Feed the String of Lights Into the Bottle

This step does exactly what it says on the tin, If you want certain light in certain places (like my bright one) then fold the string in half with the light in question at the top and once there's a few underneath use a pencil to push them into place, that's why the tartan pencil's there (that came with the flash drives and foam apples in university gift bags...)

Things that would make this really good are, a glass cutting drill bit, Some kind of oil (mineral oil maybe that is a similar colour to beer and non conductive and considering that bottle is twist top I'd be happy enough.

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    yet again, you've made another nice beer instructable. there's more you could've done, but that's damn good, considering it's from parts of your desk... i'll try this with a green beer bottle, that should look pretty good. P.S. - the pictures aren't so bad for a cell phone...

    Now that's a cool lamp, nice one.

    I was thinking of making a lamp that looked like just a random glowing bottle, not like the bawls ones but with a cfl inside a schnapps bottle (they're diffused) but I can't find the glass cutting tool... Plus it's an excuse to drink that bottle of schnapps...

    The other Idea I had is to have a wall like set of strip light tubes suspended across a frame so they're hovering, but I have alot of big projects on the go at the minute and before I make that I'll want to have at making a jacobs ladder for going inside a big display case we have.

    You might like the other lamp I made, random scrap stuff...

    I got some help with this glass drilling process here cut glass. It isn't easy to do and it broke my dremel bit after it over heated. I'm still practicing the technique so I can work it into a more ambitious project. I'm still trying to get around to retro fitting my display case from LasVegas's instructable, any way good luck on your project man.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    well two minutes later ain't bade but as I said at the end you could make something really out of this.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea, should have more pictures though. And if it were LED lights, you should add in resistors. Nice job!

    1 reply