Beer Lid Bicycle


Introduction: Beer Lid Bicycle

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As long as you can remember how to make it while drunk, it will sure be a good party trick. The ingredients are simple enough; four rip-cap beer lids. And skill. More of the latter.

Step 1: Make Front Wheel

Attach two caps together as shown, with one inside the other, as in picture two.
One of these tabs will become the handle bars, the other will attach to the back wheel.

Twist one 90 degrees (like the top one in the picture) and fold the little round grip in half (picture three) These will be the handlebars.

Step 2: Construct Back Wheel.

Lay a third cap under the tab that is not folded over, and break off its tab (the one far right in the picture) repeated bending does this quite well

Step 3: Make the Seat.

Like you made the front wheel, attach the last (but not least) top to the back wheel. To make a seat, fold the tab over towards the other half of the wheel. Fold it back the other way, and back again, same as the first way.

Step 4: Ta Daaa!


I have no idea what you would do with it. Have a mini Tour de France?

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    8 Discussions

    @kelseymh - you can find twist offs and compressed caps in NZ and Australia too! This is just the third option haha

    Very cute! Great pictures (nicely focused, good matte background), and a clever minimalist writeup.

    I just have one question...what, exactly, is a "rip-cap" beer lid? Is it for a bottle? A can? Plastic? In what country or region does one find these things?

    5 replies

    I live in New Zealand, south-east of Australia, I know you can get them in Australia also.

    Thanks! Not something we have in the U.S. or Canada. Here the bottles have compression-fit caps which you remove with a tool. Some bottles are made with threads that the cap is compressed over, and you can twist it off.

    I checked the Mac's Brewery site, it has a "" extension. Certainly in the UK somewhere.

    I was thinking the same questions but it really is a neat trick