Beer Stopper

Introduction: Beer Stopper

About: Maker Space in Mumbai India

Beer Stopper is a reusable beer bottle cap.Drink as slowly and it will still taste the same !

Step 1: Step 1: Preperation

Get an empty beer bottle (If only full ones available contact me for help)

You will need a Paint Brush Some liqiud soap and a Pen knife.

Wipe the bottle mouth with a tissue then paint a very thin layer of liquid soap on the bottle mouth. Knead some sugru into a smooth ball (Smaller than a ping pong ball but larger than the bottle mouth)

Step 2: Step 2: Moulding

Now slightly flatten 1/4th of the ball, and press the ball onto the bottle mouth so that the sugru envelopes the bottle mouth and the rim. Use your hands to first shape the top of the sugru the way you like then use a pen knife to give a smooth finish to the surgru around the rim.

Let it set overnight, Pop open the bottle, You now have a sugru bottle cap to use on those unfinished beers and fizzy drinks that you want to keep fizzy

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