Beer/Soda Can Thrower

Introduction: Beer/Soda Can Thrower

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The can flyer is a cool project that can be made with few tools and doesn't cost much money to make either. You take your cut can and use it as a flying toy. They make plastic ones of these. I found the can thrower works pretty good. You can throw them about 20 feet. They are great for playing catch or seeing who can throw it the farthest. This can be made with almost any can. They way you cut it can determine how well it flies.

ya you can get soda online

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

one can

can opener

way to clean can



Step 2: Cut Lid Off

Before cutting the lid off it is a good idea to rinse the can out so it's not sticky. Then the first thing you want to do is cut the lid off using a can opener. Simply cut the top mouthpiece completely off the top of the can. If there's any sharp edges use a file to smooth them down. Now you're ready to cut the middle of the can!

Step 3: Cut Can

When cutting the can, you want the length of the part you keep to be just a little bit longer than the width of the can mouth. I cut mine about 3 inches down. Make sure to start lower on the can on your first cut because you will have to trim the can to make smooth edges. Using a scissors works best when cutting a can. Make sure not to crinkle the can in the process. You can throw away the bottom part of the can. Use a file here to smooth out any other rough edges. Go outside and give it a throw! You can experiment with a couple cans to see what works best for you. Also doing different throwing motions can help the distance of speed of it.

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