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Introduction: Beerponics (reuse Beer Cans)

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Beerponics is just a name. This instructable is a step closer to reuse the beer cans we throw away. Just a process how to use them aesthetically.

Step 1: Materials

Beer can after you have enjoyed them. I got these from a friend's party.

2 inch mesh basket

Can cutter

Coco peat

Jute thread

Length measuring apparatus (I used a scale)


Step 2: The Research

Just by holding the beer can something came into my mind. The diameter is matching properly with the mesh baskets in the market. So got the measurements and I was right.

Step 3: Creating the Thing

Cutting the can with a can cutter keeps a very safe bidding that is safer that to cut the can with blade.

Image says that the basket is perfect fit.

Step 4: Wick

Adding the wick. Just measure twice the length of the can of wick. That's a good way to measure. You can use other measurements too.

Step 5: Fill the Coco

Fill the basket with coco peat and press with thumb. And again fill the basket to the brim. This will make sure you get a strong binding peat.

Step 6: Apply the Seeds

Add the seeds you like, or the plant you want to transplant. Here mustard seeds are shown. I love adding mustard greens in my salad.

Step 7: My Previous Planters

Chilli in pet bottle

Mustard in pet bottle

Wheat in a shop bought planter

Step 8: Current Planter

Mustard are growing good in my new planter. Also can decorate them as I like. Stacking is also easy. Reservoir is automatically protected from the sun.

Rest of the things such as nutrients and water ph and TDS are same as you will be using for other hydroponic systems.

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