Intro: Beertoon

A fun little project for a leisurely summer day.

Step 1: Acquire the Building Materials

This build will need:

  • (1) beach chair (I got mine from ALDI)
  • (2) 1" Dia x 4ft wooden dowel rod
  • (14) 1" O.D., 3/4" I.D. x 45" PVC tubing
  • (10) 2" O.D., 1" I.D. x 4ft pool float
  • (52) 1/4-20 x 1" SHCS
  • (4) 1/4-20 x 3" SHCS
  • (56) 1/4-20 hex nut
  • 3D printed connectors and end caps
  • (126) Empty aluminum cans
  • Zip ties / Duct Tape
  • Thread tape

Tools needed:

  • 1/4-20 Allen wrench
  • 3D printer
  • Hammer
  • Super Glue
  • 1" Hole saw
  • Can opener

Step 2: Preparing the Aluminum Cans

To get the cans ready for construction you have to remove the tops with a can opener. As seen on this instructable:

Turn Your Can into a Drinking Can Glass

This is a great idea and a technique I have borrowed before for other "Beer builds"

Each can will also need a 1" dia hole drilled in the bottom

Step 3: Insert the Pool Foam

After the cans are prepared they are ready for the foam inserts.

Simply cut the pool foam to match the length of the can and insert it.

Step 4: Assemble 3D Printed Parts

Assemble the printed parts to hold the PVC piping.

Install and glue hex nuts into each PVC end plug

Step 5: Beertoon Assembly

Hammer the end plugs into the PVC ends. (Use an expanding superglue like gorilla glue to ensure water tight fitting)

Begin assembly of each beertoon.

Step 6: Tighten Beertoon

With the end plugs glued into each end of the PVC pipe we can now tighten all the cans together.

Screwing the 3D printed end caps into the PVC end plugs will act as a clamp and squeeze together all the aluminum cans.

The bolts will need thread tape to ensure no water gets into the PVC tubing.

Step 7: Connect the Beertoons to Chair

Connect the two beertoons together using the 1" Dowel rod and the 3d printed clamp.

The chair will sit on top of the wooden planks and can be tied down with either Duct tape or zip ties.

Step 8: Enjoy

Your beertoon chair is complete and the only thing left to do is enjoy the day and start accumulating more building supplies.

And it goes without saying the chair makes beautiful lawn art that will be the envy of any neighborhood.



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3 years ago on Introduction

upon crunching the numbers, it appears your rig will only support a person that weighs in around 94.2 pounds comfortably...However, by increasing the numbers to accommodate for a larger body(around 200 to 325), you'd have to utilize an additional 308 cans and run an additional 5 to 8 pontoon banks to compensate for a heavier load. I do have to admit, the design is amazing to begin with, but sadly, 434 beer/soda cans is in no way a small order.I will however, attempt to see about other pontoon designs/ materials to accommodate the extra 230.5 pounds of displacement I need.

1 reply
M. A.Gneaton1

Reply 2 years ago

So this thing will only float a 95 pounder? Do you know how much labor goes into this thing alone? There's got to be a way to emplty the cans the seal them so you dont have to cut tops off and make a hole in the bottom

M. A.G

3 years ago on Introduction

When I saw this I was like AWESOME I GOTTA MAKE ONE OF THOSE! But with each and every step a little bit of stoke and hope was chipped away. For a chair that no matter what is going to look like Huck Finn built it this thing is extremely tedious, complex and it would seem expensive. Not trying to put you down I still think its super neat and that you are a smart craftsman. I'm just giving my honest feedback.


3 years ago on Introduction

Very good , I like it ! But not all of us have access to a 3D printer . Those parts could be easily fabricated using single pieces of Lexan , or another suitable plastic , or even marine grade plywood , for each , cut to the proper shape , and drill the holes . then you wouldn't need all of those nuts and bolts to hold them together ! One piece construction is usually stronger and more reliable . Just an idea . At least you got to play with the 3D printer ! BTW , you usually use a 3/16 hex wrench for 1/4-20 Allen head bolts .

Cheers , take care , and have a good day !!......73

You have a comfy, floating beach chair. Fill a small cooler with the beverage of your choice and tether it to the chair. Now push out into the river and leisurely float downstream. Why would you want something motorized??? Floating the river(s) here in Arizona is a major deal. It gets HOT here!


3 years ago on Introduction

Man, I was ready to start building this...but I can't find the 3d print files. Am I missing something?


3 years ago on Introduction

A bicycle chain and sprocket coupled to a propeller and you got yourself a nice water-traveling contraption.


3 years ago on Introduction

Great work! Very clear instructions, and I the incorporation of CAD drawings alongside progress pictures is super-helpful.

Ditto to the other commenters: a paddlewheel would be a fun addition!


3 years ago

Awesome! But I think it would be better with pedal (and possibly) motor power?

1 reply

3 years ago

Oops let me amend it more duct tape involved, I didn't read the material list


3 years ago

Strangely well-made I would think duct taped would be involved


3 years ago on Introduction

Ha! Love this idea so much.

Any photos with a person aboard? I'm wondering if this would hold a 250lb person . . . such as myself.