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I'm just going to tell you how I made this candle out of old bees wax. !!!!!!! I am not responsible for any burns or injuries that might happen during the making of this candle. I am also not responsible for any cuts you receive from the sharp can edges !!!! try at your own rick!!!!!

Step 1: Materials

•Bees wax
•soda can
•duct tape ( not required but recommended)
• chicken or duck feather( you can use twine if you have it available.)
• fire or stove
•box cutting knife
•cereal bowl
• gloves for safety

Step 2: Gathering the Wax

I got old wax from my moms old hive. But you can use what you have available.

Step 3: Melt the Wax

Wear gloves to prevent cuts and burns. (Wash the wax before melting) I took a soda can and cut the top of the neck off with a box cutting knife. Then made the wax into a ball and put it in the soda can. I turned the stove on medium ( I have a gas stove) and held the can with tongs about 3-4 inches above the flame. Be careful the wax starts bubbling really fact and might bubble I've the can. It happens to me. You can add scents at this stage.

Step 4: The Wick

I made a wick from a chicken feather. It stinks when it burns. I would recommend using some kind of twine or string. But how I did it was when the wax was hot I took my feather and submerged it in the wax and took it out then you have a wick!! For string do the same.

Step 5: Cooling

After making the wick I put ice in a cereal bowl and but the hot can on the ice. Hold the wick in place in the wax till it is dry enough to hold the wick in place then place in a freezer for about 5 minutes. The wax should be dry by then.

Step 6: Finishing

I cut the unnecessary top part of the can to make it shorter and get to the wick easer. I put duct tape around the edge to prevent getting cut by the sharp edge.

Thank you for reading my instuctable and please vote for me in the made by bees and lamps and lighting contest.
Thank you again.



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