Beeswax Real Rose Decorated LED Candle

Introduction: Beeswax Real Rose Decorated LED Candle

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Beeswax are natural wax produced in the bee hive of honey bees. Beeswax have been used for variety of purposes and one of them is making beeswax candles. Beeswax candles are said to be the healthiest candle since they are completely natural and environment friendly. Apart from making ordinary burning candle by pouring the liquid beeswax into a container, I tried to make something different with some decoration and using LED light. The light produced gives out a golden colour and the decorations gives out a embossing effect (or say bulging effect). Moreover, it stays long and makes a perfect gift on any occasion. [Source-Original post ]

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Step 1: Materials Required

  • Beewax - 2 to 3 bars
  • Balloon -1
  • Real rose bud with leaf - 1
  • LED light - 1
  • Scissor - 1
  • Paper plate - 1 ( optional)
  • Water - to boil
  • A Pan and a bowl

Step 2: How to Make the Beewax LED Light Holder

  1. Fill the balloon with tap water until it is half filled.
  2. Tie the end of the balloon with a band or a thread. I have used another long balloon to tie the water filled balloon.
  3. Melt the beeswax bar in a bowl.You can do this using a double boiler. For my project, I have used the pan to boil the water and melted the wax inside the bowl by placing the bowl onto the boiling water. The heat from the boiling water keeps the wax in liquid state.
  4. Before proceed to the next step, slightly oil all around the balloon. This will make for easy removal of the beeswax in the final step.
  5. After completing step 4, place the water filled balloon carefully into the liquid beeswax and rotate it so that the beeswax coats all around the balloon sides . The wax cools down quickly so make sure you follow this step carefully. Also, avoid the balloon to touch the sides of the bowl other than the wax.
  6. After careful coating of the beeswax around the balloon, release the balloon to let the water out. The final beeswax after removing the balloon will looks like a hollow semi circle beeswax.

Step 3: How to Wax Coat the Real Rose

  • Select a small real rose bud along with leaf according to your candle size requirement. I have used a rose bud from my garden.
  • Dip the rose bud in liquid beeswax. By doing so, you are allowing the beeswax to coat the rose and the leaf.
  • The resultant will be a waxed rose and a waxed leaf which possess a kind of artificial yet appealing look. Also by doing so, the real rose will preserve its look for long without drying.

Step 4: Making of the Real Rose LED Beeswax Candle

  • Place the real waxed rose with leaf over the side of the candle holder and join them both using the remaining melted wax.
  • Remove any excess using a blade and carefully trim the corners of the hollow semi circle beeswax.
  • Now, place the hollow end of the candle holder above the LED candle. You can also add some decorations on the sides to make it quite attractive.

The above is only a smaller version of the candle as I had only ordered and brought 2 bars from ebay for this project. You can make a bigger size of the same candle by melting more beeswax and dipping the balloon into it.

By making similar kinds of LED rose beeswax candle, you can decorate your home or add light to any kind of parties. It will also make a perfect gift. And moreover, without melting through candle light this model will stay lighted longer. You just need to change the LED batteries. Hope you enjoyed this post.

Step 5: Decorate It

I have added some cloth decoration at the bottom to hide the LED candle and to make it look appealing. Even if your hole to larger enough to hide the LED candle, you can still add some decorations when placing as a dinner candle light.

Step 6: Beeswax Real Rose LED Candle

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