BeetleJuice Book and Finger Props

Introduction: BeetleJuice Book and Finger Props

For our Maitland costume we each needed a prop. I chose to use The Handbook For The Recently Deceased. Adam's Costume used very simple finger eyeballs

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Step 1: The Book

For the book I used an old worn out book from Goodwill. I didn't really want to harm the book so I removed the book jacket and painted the entire cover maroon. I used a photo from the internet to replicate the Image on the cover. The result is a Hand painted cover that looks like the original book from the movie. I used a clear coat to seal in the cover. Since the book was already a little beat up it worked perfectly!

Step 2: The Eyeballs

Using Foam I shaped each of the eyeballs that would fit on Adam's fingers. I used yellow, Black, Blue, and Red paint to paint the balls to look like eyes. This was very simple but it had a great effect. It really added to the costume!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Way to Rock Halloween! and show'em how we do Nevada Day Las Vegas-Style!