Beet's Pesto + Main Dish Idea

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A delicious idea to the week's vegetables, you can add it to all your meals!

Step 1: Organizing

Take the ingredients :

  • At least 3 boiled or pickled Beet's root (max. 5) ;
  • 1/2 lemon;
  • Salt;
  • Pepper;
  • The herbs your preference( like Dill, oregano, chives, basil, rosemary end lavender);
  • a tablespoon of sliced ginger;
  • 1 spoon olive oil;
  • 1 full hand of Walnuts;

Let the tools you will need aside:

  • A blender(better if you have a mixer);
  • A wooden(or plastic) spoon;
  • Cutting board;
  • containers for the pesto;
  • Knife;

Step 2: Preparing

  1. Cut all beets in small cubes and let a shot of the liquid from the beet's conserve aside.
  2. Take the blender and pulse the walnuts some 5 times. You still want nuts pieces in the recipe!
  3. Add the beets, the lemon juice and the beet's shot. Blend them together. Go slowly helping the blender with a spoon until you have a 'beet puree' with some pieces of beet.
  4. Add the spices and the olive oil and mix it well with the spoon.
  5. take the mix to your container and fill it until there are 3 fingers of space from the top.
  6. Enjoy it with your main dish! For example an Omelette or at lunch.
    • If you are preparing a small portion. Let a small portion from the sliced beets aside and blend the rest. Take the beets, lemon and walnuts puree(for example 1 beet aside and 2 blending) add the sliced beets together to spices and oil. Follow the normal recipe since then.

Step 3: Conservation and Life-time

Let it on the fridge until one week long or you can freeze it for one month(just let it slowly return to the room temperature on the fridge to when you eat it.).

Step 4: + Perfect Main Dish for the Pesto: Omelette

For the Omelette for will need 3 eggs, vegetable puree, salt, oil olive, sunflower seeds and pepper for the ingredients. The tools are a medium-size frying pan and a spatula.

  • Take olive oil and pass it through all the frying pan and warm it on the higher temperature;
  • Bring the puree and spices, fry them quickly in the high temperature, add the eggs and low the temperature. Mix the eggs to the vegetable and let it fry in medium-low temperature;
  • Add the sunflower seed above the eggs;
  • Let it cook until the Omelette seems good for you;
  • Finalize the Omelette in the plate with a nice portion of your beets pesto ;).



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