Before and After Laundry Room

Introduction: Before and After Laundry Room

Still haven't redone the sink that I don't use.

White Paint - Behr(  I think Bridal Veil )
Light Blue - Behr ( Isle of something )
Dark Blue - Behr ( called Sailboat but I call it Tardis Blue. I had it left over from my game room door which is painted Tardis Blue )
There is a Greyish Blue as well around the Bottom Molding
Ceramic facce plates on all outlets and switches
Fake ceramic handles on all cabinet doors

I was actually looking for a blue to use that was called Computer Blue as well but couldn't find any paint with that name.
My Washer is named Wendy and my Dryer is named Lisa. If you get the reference you will understand the color.

Thing I could have done better was the Stenciling on the doors and some better taping here and there but I big Improvement either way.



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    Wow the transformation is amazing! I really like the clean feel with the new coat of paint over the old original lumber colour. Now the entire space looks so organized and homely which is perfect to set the mood for laundry.

    They look like the pods from 2001, but I don't remember them being called Lisa and Wendy.

    Looks great!!

    Ugh! We have the same kind of paneling and we are getting ready to renovate. Your paint makes it look much, much better, I had to look very closely to see that you hadn't replaced the paneling. Good job!

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    thanks I could have actually done better on the taping for the stripes. I hate paneling all around but it seems to be pretty big here in WV. The real challenge will be the Victorian room upstairs its ugly paneling as well. I wanted Victorian Flock wall paper but way way too expensive thought about stenciling but don't think it would work with out filling in the channels in the paneling. If you renovate please share I am looking for ideas, without just ripping out and drywall.

    What a great job! It brightened up the room a lot! Thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day!