Before and After: Polybag Into Shoes Cover!




Introduction: Before and After: Polybag Into Shoes Cover!

The rainy day usually makes you want to stay at home, watching TV, or accessing your social media. But, you know, the world outside is better than just staying at home. So, we give you an creative way to overcome the rainy day, please check this out!

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Step 1: Preparing the Tools and Materials :)

First, prepare the tools and materials, such as:

1. Polybag

2. Sewing Machine

3. Sewing Thread

4. Shewing Needles

5. Rubber Thread

6. Scissors

7. Sewing Ruler

8. Pin, and

9. Silver Spidol.

Step 2: Drawing the Pattern

1. Fold the polybags into 2 parts.

2. Draw the pattern of shoes cover with silver spidol (please make sure
the size is suited with your feet) just like the example on the picture.

Step 3: Sew the Pattern

1. Cut the pattern of cover shoes and,

2. Sew the pattern except the upper part as a hole for your feet to wear shoes.

Step 4: Insert the Rubber Thread

1. Fold the upper part of polybag like the picture above and sew it with sewing machine.

2. Take the rubber thread and put the pin in the end of the thread, just like the picture above, and then insert the rubber thread until it reaches the end of the hole.

Step 5: Finish

The shoes cover is ready to make your day!

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