Before and After Room Makeover




Introduction: Before and After Room Makeover

So this friend of mine had a son that wanted to move in to the upstairs bedroom, but it had old flowery wall paper and needed some fixing up. The teenage son started to peel off the old wall paper but after a while stopped and moved in anyway. One day I was asking her about it and she said they had bought some paint that could go over wall paper, but that was as far as they got. So I was like I'll help you get his room done while he is gone over break. This is the result!

Step 1: Start With a Room in Need!

After deciding to redo a room, you need to figure out what all needs to be done. So take a good look around and spot any place that could use some patching or filling in.

Then you need to decide on what color and type of paint you want to use. There are all type of choices starting from oil base, latex, flat, to gloss, for example. You can ask them at the paint counter what would be best for your situation, weather you want to be able to wipe it off with a wet cloth to clean it or what is the most durable.

Also check and see if you have all that you need to start brushes, rollers, etc.

(I had already started before I though of taking pics., so got them after some patching.)

Step 2: Patching and Filling

I tried to peel off all the loose wall paper, then patched all the areas that needed it. After letting the patches dry I then went over them with a light weight sand paper to smooth them out and make the wall as even as possible. Next some clean up was due because of all the dust the sanding made. I just took a lightly damp rag and wiped all of the surfaces. (Trim, window seals, doors, etc.)

Step 3: Priming

Now that every thing is sanded and cleaned we needed to add some primer. We primed all of the walls trimming with a brush near the ceiling and wood work first and rolling the rest. Then we decided that if we painted the whole wall the color that the son wanted, it would be way to dark. We decided that the room would look best with the top being his blue color and the bottom white. So we measured and marked how high the white should go and planned on putting a thin piece of trim there as well, to make a nice finished look.

Step 4: Let the Painting Begin!

We taped off the trim around the doors so we wouldn't get paint on it. Now it was time to start painting! I started with the blue, we trimmed out the edges along the ceiling and wood work with a paint brush first. Then started working rolling from the ceiling down to our mark. It didn't have to be perfect since were going to put the trim on, but I tried to get as close to the mark as I could. Then we painted the white on the bottom. We also repainted the doors, windows and base boards a semi-gloss white to match the rest of the room. That cream didn't really go!

Step 5: Finished!

After all was dry we went and put the trim on and cleaned up the room. We brought in all of the furniture and set it back up. We barley finished it in time. Got done in the morning and his mom picked him up from the airport that afternoon. He couldn't believe the change, he was quite impressed and very happy for the new look.

If there is anything on this Instructable that could use improvement just let me know! Thanks!



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    Wow!!! It looks so much better than before! I really wish I had enough energy to do it all!


    I wish you'd pass by the house we have recently acquired, with its' ANCIENT flowery or brown 70's style wallpaper every where ;)

    Unfortunately, as it's moldy behind some of the vinyl style and cloth look paper we have to steam it off, with the steam cleaners and scrapers. Comes off easy, even takes some of the wall with it!

    Pretty job you did there though, really great.

    1 reply

    Lol! Be right there!
    Thanks! :)

    I have seen a house where cabinets were built into the knee wall.. Beats the heck out of the long dark scary crawl space.

    1 reply

    We have a tiny room on the top floor, with unused loft each side, and I'm thinking of building some cupboards on the low (abot 3ft high) side. The other side, although higher, is a very thick supporting wall, so it's out of my capacities to enlarge it in that sense!

    Was there any storage potential behind the knee walls? I made access doors form my sister in law's place years ago, very handy for the Xmas decorations, etc.

    1 reply

    There's already a storage area on the other side, in the hallway. But that's a good idea!