Beginner Basic Stamp Project





Introduction: Beginner Basic Stamp Project

This simple project blinks 2 led lights.

Step 1: Parts List

You'll need 2 LED's of any color
2 resistors between 220 and 470 ohm
A basic stamp 2 (I use a homework board)
A computer with the programming software.
(Computer needs a serial port, or you could use a usb to serial converter)
And a 9 volt battery

Step 2: The Circuit

This a drawing of the schematic.

Step 3: Program It

This is the program:

' {PBASIC 2.5}


High 15
pause 1000
Low 15
pause 1000
high 14
pause 1000
low 14
pause 1000


Step 4: Video

Connect the nine volt. 1 led light's then turns off then the other light's then turns off.
Here is a video:
(Video is not in PDF!)

Step 5: Link
Link to info and purchasing.



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    thanks, its not that big of deal for me. but it is pretty cool. but stamp can be a bit expensive.