Beginner Chainmaille- Coiled Earrings

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This is a great chainmaille jewelry project for beginners!  It comes together quickly and the colorful jump rings make it easy to personalize and fun to create.  Here's what you need to make it:

2 extra-large anodized aluminum jump rings – X12 – 12ga 7/16″ (11.1 mm)
36 small enameled copper jump rings -  D20 – 20ga 1/8″ (3.2 mm)

To create a fade like the example shown:
4 x color #1
8 x color #2
12 x color #3
12 x color #4

8 medium anodized aluminum jump rings – F18 – 18ga 5/32″ (4.0 mm)
2 earwire (try using anodized niobium earwire to add even more color to this project!)

Tools recommended:

2 pairs Euro Tool Ergo or Ultra Ergo flat nosed pliers
2 pairs Duckbill Pliers (recommended for closing the X12 rings)

To keep from marring colored rings (especially enameled copper which can be quite delicate) we recommend coating your pliers with Tool Magic.

Step 1:

Prep: Open the large rings and 6 of the medium anodized aluminum jump rings. Close all of the enameled copper rings and the remaining 2 medium anodized aluminum rings.

STEP 1. With an open extra-large ring, scoop 18 tiny rings in this order:

1 color #1
2 color #2
3 color #3
6 color #4
3 color #3
2 color #2 and
1 color #1.

Add a closed medium anodized aluminum ring onto the extra large ring, and close the large ring.

Step 2:

STEP 2. Add a chain of 3 more anodized aluminum jump rings to the anodized ring you added in step 1.  Before closing the third ring, add the earwire.



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