Beginner Face Painting Ideas

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After scouring through Ashlea Henson's face painting videos, I happened to select 3 personal favorites to recreate for my very own: kitty, clown, and pirate. The best part: they were created with the collaboration of Snazaroo!





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Step 1: Cute Kitty

This first beginner face painting idea is a cute as almost as you can say "meow"!

First, I started with some pink paint (Mehron Paradise) to use as blush on the cheeks.

Then, I sponged on some white (Mehron Paradise) to make the ears, the little bit of hair on top, and the muzzle on the upper lip.

Then, I dived back into my pink, both dark and light (Mehron Paradise) to make the little bow on the top of the hair.

Then, I used black (Mehron Paradise) to outline the ears, hair, muzzle, and drew on some whiskers.

Finally, I painted my nose with a dab of pink and outlined it with some more black to finish it off!

Step 2: Clown

Clowns make us happy, but this beginner clown face paint will definitely make you smile from ear to ear.

First, I used white (Mehron Paradise) to make arches over the eyebrows, and a smile around the mouth.

Next, I used some red (Mehron Paradise) to add blush to the cheeks, paint the nose, and color in the lips around the white smile.

Finally, with some black, I added some droplets on the arches, drew an outline on the bottom lip, and added a touch of red glitter on the nose.

Step 3: Pirate

Arrgh, mateys! Get ready to fight for pirate's treasure with this beginner pirate face paint.

First, using some red paint (Mehron Paradise), I painted in a bandana.

Then, with some black, I added an eye-patch, as well as an outline to the bandana, added a mustache and beard, and drew on a small arch on the right eyebrow.

Finally, I added some white dots to the bandana to complete this beginner's design worth its weight in gold!

Step 4: Complete

Now, that you've learned the basics, pick your favorite design, paint it on, and enjoy!

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