[Beginner Guide] Configuration of a Usb Lan on Intel Edison for Ssh Connection

Introduction: [Beginner Guide] Configuration of a Usb Lan on Intel Edison for Ssh Connection

This few steps will help you to connect you Intel Edison without using a wifi connection by the usb interface. This is particularly useful for example to copy data from/to the Intel Edison using scp(secure copy) command

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Step 1: Connect Your Edison

the first step is to plug your Edison to your computer via the 2 usb or otherwise to the central usb and to the wall.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Pc Network Configuration

First of all you need to enter in the network editor and you'll see the wired connection (the name usually is something like "wired connection #") created by the Intel Edison.

Then edit the wired connection and move to the ipv4 tab, and set the address selection method in manual mode.

After that you'll be able to modify the network IP address, set it as 192.168.2.X (range from 1 to 254 don't use the because this belongs to the Edison board by default) and set the Netmask as the image shows, then click on the OK button.

Step 3: Connecting to Your Edison Via Ssh

Now you should be able to connect to your Intel Edison via Ssh by typing:

"ssh youruser@" if you have never configured your Edison use root instead of youruser "ssh root@" after that I suggest you to run a "configure_edison --setup" command.

Step 4: Trying to Copy a File From Your Pc to the Intel Edison by Scp

Type on your terminal the command:

"scp source_dir/source_file your_user@"

If everything is ok you'll be asked to input your password and the file transmission message will be prompted on the terminal.

I hope this guide will be useful to you

Thanks Ruben

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