Beginners Guide to Airsoft

Introduction: Beginners Guide to Airsoft

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Step 1: Load Out

This is my first instructiable so cut me some slack. I have a gun for most scenarios. I have a M16 for mid to longer range an mp5 for cqc(close quarters combat) and a l96 for snipeing. I go to a cqc area most so I instantly fell in live with the mp5. You should wear clothing for the environment and the fps limit(feet per second). If it is 400 and under wear a light jacket and thick jeans. If you want you can get molle and bdu

Step 2: Cover

If your in a building with card board cover. You should stay behind the pros. BB s go right through the cardboard. Get behind wood and some thick plastic is good to. Keep an eye out on all sides of you. You can be ambushed. We will go over how not to be ambushed in another slide thing.

Step 3: Stance

Walk on the balls of you feet an step softly. If its fall and your out side this may be impossible. All of the leaves will crunch.

Step 4: Be Kind

Respect counts. If your hit yell hit if your really close to someone yell safety kill. Count 5 second and then slowly take a few steps back and shoot. If they shoot back don't yell hit and tell a ref. use your brain.

Step 5: Idiot People That You Might Have To. Deal With

Don't try to get into a fight because of a disagreement. Confuse the person. If they say “that was a hit" and it didn't hit you, say something off topic like"what color are flamingos" and they will give up

Step 6: Ambush

Ok If you don't want to be ambushed pay attention Be aware Swiftly walk dont run Quiet is friend Look around Fast is smothe smothe is fast

Step 7: Sorry Bout the Pics

Did really fast sry Don't have pics to show The more you sweat in peace time the less you sweat in war GO SEALs

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