Beginners Tutorial: How to Use 3DS MT Card to Play 3ds Backups?

Okay here is a ultimate begginers tutorial about how to setup/use 3ds mt card to play 3ds backups base on experience. And yeah, the new hardware update version 1.2 was just released two days ago, and you can update your mt 3ds flash card to play pokemon x and y, and animal crossing. btw, that where i bought my mt card, great product and great customer service, the mt card will come with the latest v1.2 hardware pathed.

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Step 1: Download the Latest Mt Card V1.1 Firmware

Download the MT card firmware v1.1 from here . Unzip the file, copy and paste all the contents directly into your microsd card, connect microsd card with the blue mt card, and insert it to the 3ds.
Power on the console, click the game icon, and click the mt installer in the down screen.
Press button A and follow the guide to install the mt card.
After done, return to the home menu, eject the blue mt card, but dont power off yoru console.

Step 2: Drag and Drop the Launcher File

Drag and drop the lancher.dat file into the SD card directly. and insert the SD card to your 3DS.
Follow the picture to set up: Setting-> other setting -> profile-> Nintendo DS profile.
Download the 3ds backups to your microsd card and insert it to the yellow mt card



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