Beginners Guide to Blender 2.72

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In this tutorial I am going to show you the basics of the blender software.

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Step 1: Controls

In blender, you need to know the different controls to move around the camera or how to move the shape. It is much easier to use a mouse for this software.

The middle scroll button on the mouse will do two things. The first one is zooming in and out. For the next one, you need to press and hold the middle button. This will move the camera around the shape.

Next, the the right click button will move the shape. Press it once and then move the mouse around. If you want it back to go back to how it was, right click again. If you want it to move, left click. Another way to move the figure is by the arrows on the shape. (Red, Green, and Blue)

Step 2: Getting the Cube Off the Screen

When you first start blender, it shows a cube on the plane. What you do is press Shift+X, and then click the pop-up screen. Now your blender screen is cleared. (You don't need to do this if you want a cube to start of with.)

Step 3: Putting a Shape on the Screen

Next you want to put a shape on the screen to begin working with blender. To do this, you want to press Shift+A. This will bring a pop-up box. There, you will want to put your cursor on the Mesh Menu and choose what ever shape you want. For this tutorial, I will use a cube. (You can use whatever shape you want because it is basically the same process.

Step 4: Editing the Shape

For this step, you need to go to the right hand side of the screen to the side bar. Go to it and click on the orange cube one the menu. Once there, you will see the 3 boxes under the word "Scale". Press the arrows to change the shape of the cube. Another way to do this is by clicking on the middle of the box and typing a number. The top box is X-axis, the bottom is Z-axis, and the middle is Y-axis. Change them to the size and shape you want the cube to be.

Step 5: Color

This next step is to change the color. Go over to the side menu again. click on the circle that is 9 spaces from the left. Then another menu comes up. Press the white rectangle under the word diffuse. A menu will pop up with the color wheel. Choose the color you want the cube to be. Then, the cube is a different color.

Step 6: Conclusion

That is all the Basics for blender 2.72. Comments are welcome.

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