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Bored one Sunday and made these cupcakes. Few ingredients. Not too hard at all!

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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will need to raid your cabinets for:

Any flavor box cake mix + ingredients to make (egg, water, oil)
White icing
Food coloring
Gum paste
Jewel Jelly Belly Jellybeans

Step 2: Frost

Frost those cupcakes 
I added some food coloring to make the icing the same color as the gems I would be using. 

Step 3: Cut Your Beans

Cut your beans to make big stones (cut it right in half) 

Or small - cut only the tips off the bean. See what I mean in the picture. 

I used one big stone and several smaller accent stones per cupcake.

Step 4: Making Little Metal Work

Work with your gum paste and add some food coloring to get the color of the metal work you'd like to use.
I went with a bronzy look so I was trying to get it about the color of peanut butter. It got a little darker after it set! 

You could get real fancy and use that pearl dust and give your metal some shimmer.

Step 5: Roll Out

Make little balls of colored gum paste and squish the middle down ( I pressed down a bean to make a smooth pocket)  to make a little pocket for your jelly bean to sit in. 
Roll out some lengths of the gum paste and cut tiny pieces and place four pieces on the pockets' edge. 

Cut some longer lengths for swirls and rings and what not. You can be creative on this part. Google some ironwork designs or wire jewelry art and go to town. 

Step 6: Assemble Your Pieces

Layout your metal work and your gems on the cupcake. 

Its hard to re arrange so know where your placing what before you start sticking them down. 

Step 7: Add More Flair

You can add the color coordinating sprinkles of your main color at this point. 

Eat within a few days and do not let your cupcakes get too warm. 

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