Belgian "Poulet-Curry" Sandwich Filling (GF)




Introduction: Belgian "Poulet-Curry" Sandwich Filling (GF)

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Step 1: How To

1. Dice up your chicken breast to the size you want, bearing in mind it’s to go in a sandwich
2. Marinate chicken in sake (1tsp, not the whole bottle - this makes the chicken softer) and a teaspoon of curry powder
3. Mix the mayonnaise, mustard, curry powder and milk in a bowl
4. Cook chicken with olive oil in a frying pan - make sure your chicken is cooked by cutting a couple of pieces open (if there is still some pink it isn’t done!)
5. Let the chicken cool a little then mix in with the sauce
6. Pile it up on your sandwich or crackers
7. Eat it - on its own, with a sliced boiled egg (typical Belgian thing to do!), with lettuce, cucumber… whatever takes your fancy!

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