Belgian Waffles Substitute for Stressed Dads

Are you a stressed dad? This instructable is for you.

A simple way of making Belgian waffle substitute - the best angry kid pacifier.

All information in the video for those who like reading all info in the following steps.

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Step 1: Recipe and Ingridients

Making Belgian waffles is difficult and annoying. If you want to go for the ready made ones that comes in powder, you would still have to make them and they do not taste great.

Why not use ready made ingredients to make Belgian waffle substitute.

You will need:

Toad bread

Saltless butter

Fruit or jam

Hazelnut spread

and most importantly Whipped cream the one in spray can seems to be the best solution.

Step 2: Simple Procedure

Toast the bread

Butter it and spread the hazelnut spread. All you need to do now is load it with whipped cream. Whipped cream will turn regular toast into a waffle and your kids are not going to notice it.

Remember about saltless butter as it will improve the taste.

If you have fresh fruit you can top it up with it, remember the more coloured the fruit the better. Strawberries, kiwis, blueberries will make the waffle look almost real.

Step 3: And Here You Are

Enjoy tasty and easy to make belgian waffles made out of simple toast bread.

Remember to use toast bread as it is already sweet so it will fir the whole snack.

All best chaps.

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