Belkin 6 FM Transmitter Antenna Modification





I would like to add my method of modifying the newer Belkin Tunecast 6 FM Transmitter for greater RF output power. There are several projects here relating to the Tunecast 2, but the Auto 6 model is much harder to get into - here is how I did it.

First use a small screwdriver to remove the two switch pads, if you slide the screwdriver along the upper and lower edges of the 'scan' pad it will snap free when you rotate the screwdriver, some determination is required here! Then remove the '+ -' pad using the same method, but near the center, you can see the mounting holes in the picture.

You should now be able to see the white antenna wire that goes around the display, hook this out so that it can be cut. Now drill a suitable hole in the case (careful not too far in!) for the new external antenna loop, about 65cm will do nicely. Now Insert the new antenna wire in the hole and solder to the cut ends of the old antenna wire. Use some epoxy to secure the new antenna wire to the case.

Snap back the pads and you are done! Mine will now happily overpower most stations, but don't be anti-social, use the auto-scan to find the weak ones!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    How to mod this Belkin 6 FM Transmitter.The only thing i did was to attach a wire to tx-ant. anyone did more mods on this like reatache the antenna cable somewhere else?

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    3 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Finally got mine opened up. Promblem is, when I connect a longer antenna, the damned thing wont transmit anything when I plug it in. When I disconnect the longer antenna en restart (pull the plug and put it back in) the transmitter it works fine. When I connect a longer antenna WHILE it is transmitting it also works fine. But then when I reboot it with the longer antenna it wont transmit.. again.

    Some safety? Can't provide enough power for the antenna? Why doesn't it work for me :/ only a 10cm antenna works. When I make it longer it fails.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I've been looking all over for the details on this model. So nice of them to label the antenna connection point for us. :-)

    I've looked at the mods for the earlier models. In some of these, they short out the inductor connected to the output antenna for an extra boost. DO NOT DO THIS FOR THIS MODEL. I found the datasheet for the FM transceiver chip U1 online.  In their suggested circuit, the inductor is connected between output and ground.  Shorting it will probably kill your transmitter.  The chip is really quite interesting.  It's made by a company called Quintic.  Look up QN8006 on Google to get the datasheet link.  The hacking possibility is tempting....


    4 years ago

    Hi all that have preformed an antenna modification what sort of range you getting on them now?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Just To Let You Know I Found An Error In Your Instructable, This Mod Will Not Boost The RF Output power, It Just Adds An External Antenna, That Is More Efficient and the right wavelength, RF power is normally very low on these things so that they dont interfere with others

    Just Letting You Know Of A Small Error

    Andrew - VK5FACE


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hello, thanks for all the help. I'm an absolute newbie and couldnt find a way to mod the newer belkin model. This has been very helpful. There are no videos out there on this model, would be great to see one. I think it would be easier for me to follow.

    Hi Benjamin

    No I just removed the + and - pads as in the photo, it was not that easy as I remember to hook out enough of the white antenna wire to cut and strip the insulation! I see that 'Wep' managed to get the whole case apart, bravo!


    I got mine open tonight. It's pretty easy. Start by prying at one end above the cable, then work your way along the edge of the case, prying above each button (M1, M2, PRO) until you reach the other cable end. Like the front buttons, the snaps require some force and sound scary.

    See my response to Wep for what I've found so far about the circuit


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. I just bought the same model and I'm very disappointed with the transmitting power of the unit. I was probably going to break it trying to separate it at the seems. The buttons where not even a thought. You saved me a lot of time.