Bellatrix Lestrange's Wand

Introduction: Bellatrix Lestrange's Wand

"This is the wand that tortured Neville's mum and dad, and who knows how many other people? This is the wand that killed Sirius! I miss my wand."

Hermione Granger


- plastic bellatrix wand replica

- base coat for acrylic paint (optional)

- acrylic paint: brown, gold, black

- acrylic water resistant finishing varnished matte TOOLS:

- painting brush

- super glue


Bellatrix's wand on Printing in 3D site

Bellatrix's wand kit on Ebay

Bellatrix's wand on Harry Potter wiki page

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Step 1: Creating and Printing the Model

By ordering the model here, you can skip this step.

I created the model considering the details as much as possible. I check the length on the Wiki page. It should be 12 ¾" long, which is 32.38 cm. It is tricky, because the wand is bent. I sliced it to 6 pieces for 3D printing. 3 pieces for each sides. The 2 cuts on each sides are made the way to increase the connection surface for gluing. The pieces overlap each other.

Step 2: Gluing the Pieces Together

I used superglue. It only needs a thin layer and the result will be strong enough.

I started with the parts of the thicker end (handle). I waited 10 minutes between adding new parts. I continued with the next overlapping part till every part is glued together. The other way is to glue together the 3 parts of each side on a flat surface and than then the 2 side together. It's quicker, but it's easier to make mistakes.

Step 3: Painting

Panting the wand is rather simple. After an optional layer of base coat the wand is painted with brown. A little bit of dark brown and black shade goes to the holes. I little golden brown over the edges ages the wand a bit.

On the side, there are runes with dark brown. It's hard to spot for the first time. This makes it more realistic, but this markings can be skipped. After the 2 or more layers of matte finishing varnish the wand is ready.

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