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Introduction: Belt Guitar Strap

Need a strap for your instrument? or have you just grown bored of that old black one it came with?
either way, Using one of your old belts is the perfect way to personalize your playing experience.

Guitar straps can be very expensive espeicially if your on a tight budget, so using a belt is an easy and quick way to make your instrument that little bit better.

Im enetering this instructable into the Betabrand belt reuse competition so if you enjoyed this instructable please vote for me. Enter your own at .

Step 1:

This instructable is suprisingly simple and rewarding. Only a few common tools and items are needed to do this project.

- Belt (old, new, flash or plain)
- Craft Knife/ Hole making tool
- Cord/ Shoelace

I told you there wasnt much needed. I used a studded belt and a colourful patterned one from a highstreet store.

Step 2:

First thing you will want to do is create a hole at the oposite end to the buckle big enough to get around the strap lock but not to keep falling off. To stop this happening i started by making small holes with a craft knife and checking to see if they'll go on, if not make it a bit bigger and check again etc.

This can be slide over the strap lock underneath the bridge of the guitar. Make sure it is tight and wont easily come off. If it does slide off try sewing the gap closed a little.

Step 3:

The next step is to find a hole beneath the belt buckle. There are to ways of doing this because of different belts, Luckily i have both and can easily cover both ways.

The first way is for the more expensive belts that might have a popper to let you easily remove or change the buckle on the belt. Just undo the popper remove the buckle and your ready to move on to step 5.

Step 4:

The second and harder way is for the cheaper belts which will require you to cut off the buckle from your belt and then create a hole using the same tecnique from earlier but without putting it onto the strap lock. This should be reasonably easy and all you will need is a pair of strong scissors and your ready to go on to the next step.

Step 5:

Now you have two choices for the last bit. You can attach your belt as it is to the last strap lock and your done! or if you're a tall person or you may just want the abilitie to resize your guitar to your liking you can add a lenght system.

To do this take your piece of cord/ Shoelace and cut it so its about 20cm, fold it in half and thread it through the hole you made on your belt then knot it around the strap lock at the lenght you are most comfortable playing at.

Step 6:

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and i have inspired you to create your own strap or just make something altogether. If you did like this tutorial, please vote for my instructable in the Betabrand belt reuse contest.  Thanks :D

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