Belt Sander Stand/Mini Belt Sander

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This is a simple stand I made to hold my portable belt sander to the table for knife making and woodworking. My sander came with a flat back made to bolt to a table, but I am too cheap to buy the brackets so I made my own!! The sander is held on the side with small strips of MDF screwed to the workbench, it is held on the end with the main handle by a hook I just swivel into place. The dust collector is just half of a piece of  ABS pipe with a hole for my shop vac that I showed in my disk sander ible. The sander is very secure and easy too remove as you can see in the video, I have also made a new dust collection attachment for beside my vice and gotten rid of the pipes you can see in my disk sander ible. The sander is the  Bosch PBS75 it is a very powerful sander and has the flat back with grips, I would highly recommend that if you need one to consider this one!! Thanks for reading!! If you liked it please vote for it and favorite it!! Any suggestions or comments welcome!! 



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    I see, well, even if a project isn't, "presentable," by your standards, I'm sure somebody, like me, would still want to build it. The thing is, a lot of people will use somebody else's design and change it to fit their needs. What I would have done is made this into an even small version to be used for a DC motor since I'm really getting into those. I'm even making a Mini Printed Circuit Board Drill Press that is going to be smaller then a ruler is tall and long. Pretty cool huh? Won't be making an instructable any time soon though since it's still in the planning stage. Besides that, though, why not just dismantle it and measure the dimensions and reconstruct it for us to see? Surely it wouldn't be too hard.

    I suppose your right...I might just mark out all the positions on the workbench and take it apart not sure yet though I like it the way its is!! That drill sounds really cool I am going to sub you and I look forward to that project!! I was considered making this sander from scratch with either an old drill like my disk sander or a dc motor like you suggested but decided to do this instead!! Good luck with all you future projects!! Thanks for the ideas!! I think I might make an ible for this and for my disk sander.

    Sounds like a plan! And yes, I wouldn't expect for my drill project to be out for another two months as it's also going to be a school project and I'm still waiting on some parts.


    Sorry about the title didn't realize until now how much it sounded like the other sander stand ibles I will change the title when it gets accepted into all the contests!!