Belt Sander Wooden Fid




A Fid is a Tool for poking in Knots and Rope.

Use it to push aside Strands in Turks Heads or Mats, or open stranded Rope for splicing.

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Step 1: Get Some Wood

Find a Piece of Hardwood long enough for your Fid and let it dry.

Step 2: Split Into Quarters

Split the Wood into Quarters.

Use if possible an Axe with an wide Head like a Splitting Maul.

Step 3: Rough Shaping

If you did not split your Hatchet at the first blow,

you could use it now to roughly shape the Wood,

that way you won't need as much sanding as i did.

Step 4: Sand Rectangular

Sand the Sides flat into a rectangular Profile.

Step 5: Sand Octagonal

Sand off the Edges you just created.

Step 6: Sand Round

Turn continuously with light Pressure to create a round Stick.

Step 7: Round One End

While turning slowly lift into an upright Position to create a rounded End.

Step 8: Taper the Other End

Rotate at the round End and press down lightly at the other.

Never try to hold it in Place, if it slips let it fly.

If you wear Gloves be sure they cannot tangle up somewhere and pull you into the Sander.

If you do it with bare Hands, they get very close to the Sanding-Belt, consider using Scrapwood for pressing down.

Step 9: Taper the Tip

When you make a long thin one as in the Picture, leave it thicker at the tip to keep it strong, then taper just the End of the tip.

Step 10: Split the Right Wood

Be sure you split the Wood you found and not the Handle of your Hatchet...

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    3 years ago

    that axe handle almost looks like a find itself ?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    No, standard Handle it comes with.