Belts,Bangles and More- Knotting to Making!

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Well, to begin with you need paracord, ofcourse! 
Rest of the material required depends on what you are making :)

Step 1: Know the Knots..

Any product you would want to make will be made by a combination of these knots (attached along).
I have created separate sheets for each knot for the ease of understanding, along with a sample and a diagrammatic representation!
One can also combine two knotting methods and create a new way of knotting, that is upto you how far you take it :)

Step 2: Making Your Own Products

You can create alot of interesting stuff with these knotting techniques ! I've made a few things which i'm putting up here. Do try your own :)

Step 3: D.I.Y - Belt

A normal six or eight strand braiding will be good enough for a belt.
The one I have made is with black yarn, embellished with black beads. Also, I have not cut the end strands, but let them loose for tying around the waist. That ways, you don't have to worry about the waist size :)

Step 4: D.I.Y - Bangles

Bangles are too easy to make, and quick too!
Just take any existing bangle of your size (preferably metal) and start your knotting on the bangle.
One can experiment alot with colors and knots! 

Step 5: D.I.Y - Key Chains, Bracelets and Hangings

These knotted key chains make any normal key ring interesting to look and carry. 
Make them.. Wear them or hang them!

Step 6: D.I.Y - Dreamcatcher

This is a quick and easy dream catcher to make at home. 
To make this, just coil a ribbon (or thread) around a ring of that size. I found a metal ring in the market, so I used that only. Next up, start making the inner pattern. Even something random like this looks good and is quick. Lastly, embellish it, hang it!

Step 7:

Once you know the knots, there is no limit to what all you can make!
From bracelets to bags ..paracord makes everything possible!

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    Would love to try something from this. Nicely written instructable :)


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