Bench Grinder Restoration




Intro: Bench Grinder Restoration

Restore a bench grinder.

Step 1: Find an Old Tool

Search craigslist and estate sales for a cheap grinder that needs restoring.

Step 2: Disassemble

Disassemble the grinder and take good photos of the process to help with reassembly.

Step 3: Pull the Bearing

Use a gear pull to remove the bearings.

Step 4: Remove the Fan

Measure the fan placement before removing.

Step 5: Remove the Paint

Use a paint removing method. I used aircraft remover.

Step 6: Clean

Wire brush the parts clean and wipe with a solvent.

Step 7: Prime

Prime the parts.

Step 8: Paint

Choose some unique colors and paint the parts.

Step 9: Dry

Allow all the paint to dry thoroughly.

Step 10: Reassemble

Reassemble and grease all the required parts.

Step 11: Complete

Grind something.



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2 years ago

When I restore, I like to freshen up the badge by rubbing it with a typical pencil eraser- a sort of mild abrasive- and finish with a light spray coat of lacquer, it really brightens it up.

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