Bench Hook From Scrap

Introduction: Bench Hook From Scrap

Hello! This is my very first instruction on instructable, several years ago, i have been shocked by a group called Maker, they have done so many amazing stuff not only fun but also very practical.

But at beginning there was a very few budget, space and time (because of work) , so i had done pretty nothing at first few years, until recently , I restart wondering how long i can go on this Maker activity, so under a limit space and budget condition, the my very first , formal project is woodworker's bench hook. i don't have much money( also space for storing the clamps), i read from the internet and online video, said it can be small work bench, and also be the third hand to help in clamping during future project. then my journey has begun.

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Step 1: Material

1): a polywood, a wood block ( all I picked from the construction site for free)

2):Japanese back saw ( it can cut a really straight line)

3): wood worker's right angle ruler (sorry i don't know the correct name in English)

4): 2 cheap C clamps

5):Hand Drill ( i don't have power drill, but it will do the work more better)

6):wood Screw X 6 (length 35mm, diameter 4 mm)

7): Wooden Glue

Step 2: Marking and Cutting

Because the polywood i picked is irregular edge , so i need to make 4 side of cutting piece straight line, mark 30 cm long , 18 cm wide line, and clamping the plate to start sawing ( be caution during cutting, i cut my finger twice!)

after polywood, mark the wooden block in even half piece(18cm), then cutting into 2 piece, and make one piece shorter than the other one in 1 inch .

Step 3: Drilling

Marking the drill point in even 3 section midpoint on 2 cutting wood blocks, then clamp the piece with the polywood on its edge( one piece after one after drilling) Use 4 mm diameter wood drill head, i setting the head on the hand drill.

I take red band on the drill head 35 mm away from the tip , to indicate the depth i have drilled

polywood surface face up , and block face down, then start to drill on the mark points( not to drill too much , i it will penetrate the block other side surface)

Step 4: Cementing and Screwing

the wood glue i used is Titlebond 3 ( purchased from internet)

first I apply the glue on both marking area of polywood and cutting wood blocks, then stick block surface onto polywood side, and clamping it with C-clamps,

During the glue setting, I started to screw the wooden screws one by one.

After setting of glue ( i wait 5 hours) , then repeat the process on the other side.

(Remember : each wooden blocks is on different side of polywood surface, don't make them on the same surface)

Step 5: A New Bench Hook Has Been Done

After 2 side has been setting, then your very own bench hook is ready to go

it feel very sturdy when i carve a little thing or using my cutting tools, it also can be immediate small work table on your desk, although the 4 edge is quit rough ( I don't have any sanding machine now) but for me , is quite practical in my place.

I hope it will help you guys in some ways

Thank you for reading.

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    4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your project and welcome to the community!