Bench Vice Restouration




Introduction: Bench Vice Restouration

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old bench vice restoration

Step 1: Get an Old Bench Vise

get an old vise from a thrift shop or somewhere else

Step 2: Take It Apart

make shure you take ik apart so you can reassemble it after the paint has dryed

Step 3: Clean It

now clean the surface that needs to be paintet i used an angle grinder with a steel brush to remove the paint after that you need to clean it for the primer with something like White spirit or brake cleaner or any other Industrial degreaser for this purpose

Step 4: Attache Primer

start of with thin layers and let it dry completely before the next layer pro tip use some good primer i used Duplo color they make good paint and primer for Industrial use and yes it is worth the extra money

Step 5: Finaly Paint It

before you start paintingen use some scothsbricht to clean of a thin layer of the primer and clean it again with degreaser then start with the paint make thin layers and let them dry completely before you attache the next layer repeat this till you reach the result you wanted

Step 6: And the Result

ik used some black paint for the handle to make it how i wanted it

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    2 years ago

    This is great! I have an old vice I really need to restore. Your's turned out looking wonderful!