Benchy Fails Tree

Introduction: Benchy Fails Tree

So you've got a 3D printer and you want to know just how well it prints... and thus begins an obsession.

The test print in question is #3DBenchy, which you can download from:


It is a hellishly simple little print, that is so hard to get right, in so many ways. That is why they call it "The jolly 3D printing torture-test." You may learn a thing or two about setting up your printer as you tweak and print and tweak and print. And then before you know it, you end up with a dozen or so of these damn little tugboats on every horizontal surface. Maybe multiple materials, colors, etc. All strange and disfigured in their own special ways.

How do you get rid of all these little soul burning homunculi? Don't you know someone that deserves a Benchy Fails Tree? Someone, like your nephew, who introduced you to #3DBenchy in the first place? Now get your fanny on over to the post-Christmas decorations sale at Wally World, or your favorite clone drugstore and pick yourself up a cheap and tacky Tannenbaum and a small roll of wire and make something of immense beauty and wonder. Or make a Benchy Fails Tree. Awesome!

Step 1: And There It Is.

Wasn't that easy? Now wait til the middle of the night and leave it on the porch of someone deserving. Won't they be SO happy to get something so odd? Of course they will. And perhaps they will also decorate it with their own print failures: that elliptical gear train that ended up looking like a transmission that had been chewed and excreted by a labrador, the deformed animal figurine that still haunts your nightmares, the thing that left its limbs on the build plate during an unsuccessful removal operation. The opportunities are limited only by your imagination and spools of filament.

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