Bend Spoon With the Power of Their Mind!

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In this instructable I will show you how to bend a metal spoon with the power of our mind!
Well not really... no one can bend metal with the power of their mind! but you will learn to make this incredible illusion that will perplex all your friends and spectators!

Step 1: Capture the Attention.

To realize this illusion, the main thing will be to capture the attention of our audience.
Here the body language is really necessary: show that you do not hide anything in your sleeves, give the spoon to the spectator to certify that it is not tricked andhit it against a table or hard surface to give more realism to the scene.

Step 2: Power of Mind!

Here comes the trick! To distract the viewer, you will point to a spot on the palm of your hand with the index finger (as we speak, you will concentrate the power of the mind right there) and at that same moment you will bend the spoon with your thumb.

Step 3: The Trick!

Put the spoon already folded in the palm of the hand without the viewer noticing it! Now you just have to move your fingers down to achieve the illusion that the spoon is moving and do all kinds of expressions with the face emulating the power of the mind. You can also accompany with a feeling of thrust (like a Jedi using thestrength) with the other hand.

Step 4: Final ;)

Drop the spoon on the table and show everyone how it was bent using only the power of the mind! ;)



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    2 months ago

    Nice trick!


    2 months ago

    Three of the images are missing :(