Bendable Bird Box




Hi there,

We are Jente & Ward, two young Industrial Design students from Kortrijk, Belgium.
We would like to share our design with the world, to people with a green heart.

Our design is a bendable bird box.

The only things you'll need to make it are:
- A laser machine (in a nearby Protolab)
- Sheet material (in a nearby DIY shop)
- Illustrator file (delivered by us)

The whole working area of the laser (450 x 600 mm) is used, with a total laser time of ±20 minutes.

The dimensions of our bird box are 130 x 130 x 165 mm with a hole of 30 mm diameter.

The sheet material we used is birch veneer, 4 mm thick. Thicker sheet veneer / other non-fibre sheet material will be more durable to withstand the outside forces of nature.


The added illustrator file is drawn for a sheet thickness of 4 mm, but if you're willing to use a thicker / thinner material, you can adapt the rectangles (make them wider / smaller).

To personalize the bird box, you can type your own text.
Text/figures in RGB RED will be cutted, RGB BLUE will be vector etched, RGB BLACK will be pixel etched.

We're curious about other people adapting our design, so feel free to send us pictures of your bird boxes or label them with ‪#‎bendablebirdbox.

Be creative, have fun!

Jente & Ward



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    7 Discussions


    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    I love this project. Again, can somebody help me to covert this .ai file into .svg file so I can cut this on a glowforge.... thanks.


    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    I am new to this so please help. I am trying to import file. Able to do but unable to open in Inskape. what program do I use to open it? Trying to cut on glowforge.


    2 years ago

    My only hesitation is that it would let in water and light. If I make one I could try applying plastic or leather on the inside maybe?


    2 years ago

    Someone stole your design and sell it :o