Bendable Pole Axial Generator Winding

Introduction: Bendable Pole Axial Generator Winding

This process will detail how to prototype small axial generators for use in wearable products.

Step 1: Parts List

Required Components:

- Bendable Stator Base (

Required Expendables

- 37 AWG Copper Wire (

Step 2: Prepare to Wind

Strand out a couple of inches of wire before winding.

Step 3: Wind the Pole

Wrap the wire tightly around the pole. If wound tightly at least 250 winds should be possible on each pole before the wire begins to slip over the outside shoulder.

Step 4: Finish Winding

Strand out a couple inches of wire, then cut the wire. Thread the wire tails through the center of the base and under the pole.

Step 5: Bend the Pole

Once the pole is wound, firmly grasp the winds with fingers or pliers and bend it up 90 degrees. This should be easy to accomplish without damaging the wires - otherwise the base material is too thick.

Step 6: Repeat for All Remaining Poles

Repeat the steps for all remaining poles. Be sure to wrap the wire in the same direction - CW or CCW - for all poles.

Step 7: Solder Wires

Solder the individually wound poles according to the diagram shown in the photo.

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