Bendable USB Powered LED Light!





Introduction: Bendable USB Powered LED Light!

Things you'll need:
-USB cable
-soldering gun
-electrical tape/ shrink tubing



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    wher did u put a resistor becous i have not current(eletricity)i have maybe 5v,,,but i cant put on it even a smal bulb of 2,5 v..whayy????

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    He purchased an LED with a built in resistor so he did not need to include one @0:22. You could easily just add one into the circuit before your LED - solder it between the 5V power and the positive terminal on your LED. If you cut the wires close, solder well, and use heat shrink, it will all look like one single wire from the USB to the LED when it's finished

    That's a great video and so easy to make! Thanks for sharing.