Bender and Robot Devil From Futurama

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SO I've never been THAT guy at a halloween know what I mean. THAT guy who shows up with a costume that may look incredible, but has gone too far (Usually these people are the ones that show up with a $800 full Master Chief costume).

We originally had a group that was going to be the full cast of Futurama, but as the date drew closer, people bailed(too afraid of being THAT guy/ girl most likely)

Anyway, a friend and I couldn't decide on anything else, and just said screw it; we are going to continue as planned.....and be THOSE guys.

I didn't plan on doing an instructable, so I only have pictures of our creation process, but I thought I'd put up what I have.

Everything was made with cardboard and paint, except bender's arms and legs, which were washing machine tubing.

Step 1: make costumes
Step 2: dance!
Step 3: Win the costume contest. Win all the monies.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I'll try my best to help.

I'll be uploading more pics later



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