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Introduction: Bender From Futurama

Last year was the first time I actually made my costume and i enjoyed it so much that this year I  figured i'd go all out. With Bender being one of my favourite characters on TV I thought he'd be the perfect costume. The body and head are made from sintra frame and styrene skin. The mouth is white mesh fabric on a sintra frame attached with velcro. I used magnets to be able to attach the cigar to the mouth. The domes on the head and the feet are made from 12" globes of the world cut in half. The arms and legs are made from thin styrene covered in duct tape and stuck together with rivets. The antenna is two door stop springs stuck together with a ping pong ball on top and a red blinking LED inside. The eyes were made from a 5" plastic yarn ball holder and they light up using white LEDs. The interior cabinet is made from sintra. Other than that it was a lot of hot glue, rivets and bondo. I'll try and come up with a more complete instructable in the next few weeks if possible.

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    Good Sir, you have given these people of Earth an amazing and inspirational recreation of a sarcastic, crude, and surprisingly shiny rear ended robot we all know and love. I have only one request and that this to flatter you by building such an awe-inspiring machine with the help of a step-by-step Instructable. Please give us this and you will forever be thanked.

    P.S. Amazing build. Although when I build mine I will put a hinged "index" finger on the right hand with a lighter inside. Most likely one of those long BBQ ones and change the trigger to make it easier to use. Lastly use a metal finger as to not melt or catch anything on fire.

    PLEASE make an instructable! This is the best Bender costume I've seen yet.

    I used 48" x 96" x 2mm White Sintra PVC Board and 48" x 96" x 3mm Grey Sintra PVC Board

    I used various thicknesses 0.020", 0.040", 0.060" and 0.080"

    The thickest one for the body etc...

    Hope that helps.

    Hey- I was wondering- why does the body need to be coated with styrene if the sintra is already grey? Does the sintra have a foamy texture and the styrene looks more like metal?

    The sintra is a lot stiffer than the styrene so it can't really be used as the skin. I used the sintra purely to make an interior frame and then wrapped the styrene around this.

    So basically you made sintra vertical supports that are attached to rings at the top and bottom? Although the top ring would be a cone shape.

    I was under the impression that the sintra could be molded into the body cone shape using a heat gun- I didn't know if this would work or if the material would get messed up easily due to uneven heating/bending (I have never used this material).

    Thanks again,

    This is the best Bender costume I've seen anywhere. You nailed it with the arm/leg coverings. This thing looks like a studio prop. Great job!

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    "I have a dream. A dream of killing all humans."
    This is the best Bender suit I've seen yet. Great job man, great job.

    That is perfect!!!! Any ideas on how to make they cyclops eye for my daughter who want to be leela?

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    I would suggest using maybe a 6x- speaker grill spray-painted white. Not sure on the rest of the head but I just thought I'd throw it out there.