Bending Plastic at 90 Degree Angles

Here we go through bending plastic to a 90 degree angle. I am using 1/8" PET-G plastic.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    i was wondering where you got the plastic and if this method could be used to make curved shapes. ive looked buy clear pvc or an accrylic tube but it is really expensive. im looking for a tube about 3 inches ID and about 12 inches long.

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    1. We buy most of our plastic from McMaster Carr.
    2. Yes, this technique can be used to bend curves, you just need a curved mold. We like to cut our molds out of wood on a CNC or by hand and then bend the plastic around that.
    3. I did a quick search and McMaster has decent prices on tube. Here is the link
    Hope this helps!