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Introduction: Bendy Clock

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I had to throw on my instructables shirt to get the juices flowing!! And did it worked I wanted to make a unique clock that I have not seen. my son watches a lot of YouTube videos of people playing this game bendy and the ink machine so i thought i would use that as an idea to get inspired.

i hope you enjoy this instrutable

Step 1: Tools and Material

  • Clamps
  • jigsaw
  • tape measure
  • pencil/sharpie
  • square
  • drill
  • glue
  • brad nail gun
  • chopsaw
  • plainer
  • jointer
  • sander
  • cricut cutter
  • kreg jig


  • 3/4 inch plywood
  • 1x4 oak optional you could use the plywood
  • 1/4 ply
  • brad nails
  • paint

Step 2: Design

I used a flexible scrap piece of wood to draw the angles. I place nails along the arch i wanted and used a sharpie to draw the shape used a bucket for the outline of the head.

Step 3: Cut Out the Shape

Using a jig saw to cut out the outline then drilled a 3/8 hole in the corners of each of the inside cut out to allow the jigsaw to move freely.

Step 4: Cut Out the Back

I wanted to make this a special piece so i cut off the arms head and feet and set them a side for later i then trace the outside of the template to another piece of plywood.

next i screwed them together and sanded down any imperfections and made both side the same.

Step 5: Cut the Shelves and Supports

I used the scrap pieces of the 3/4" plywood for the shelves and the supports. I then cut them at 6" using the chop saw and the table saw.

Step 6: Put on the Sides

I added glue to the and place the oversized piece of 1/4" plywood on top and clamped it down.

the first piece went on like a dream the second piece i was not so lucky it broke but i went along with it gluing and clamping and it turned out not to be a big deal can barley see the imperfection.

Step 7: Add the Details

So my plan is to paint the plywood and use a clear finish on the oak to make it pop!

  • using the jig saw to clean the edges off from the over hang.

I had some oak wood left over from another project. i cut the top pieces with a slight over hang of the top.

i used the jointer to get the wood to match up glued and clamped the 3 pieces together .

Next i traces and cut out the feet using the kreg jig i attached the feet to the plywood.

I also traced out the arms in oak and cut them out using the jigsaw.

Step 8: Sand and Prep for Paint

Sand using a low grit like 60 or 80 and working up to 120 for the painted areas and 320 for the poly

Step 9: Cricut

Iused the cricut cutter to make the face. Bendy my sons favorite character!

Step 10: Paint and Stain

I used black paint and clear satin polyurethane.

Step 11: Assembled

Now that everything is painted and stained time to put everything together. I also printed the bow tie made for a great finish.

Step 12: I Love Instructables

This project would have never happened if it wasn't for the contest I dug deep and seen my intructables tee shirt and was inspired to challenge myself .



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    16 Discussions

    thanks so much!! It was very rewarding to build and love all the comments. thanks

    well hit the vote button!! thanks my wife wont let it inside she said it to creepy hahahah thanks for the comment

    thanks for an inspiring project. I have been wanting 2 make a dr suess type bird house & had no idea how 2 make curved.. thank you...

    1 reply

    Yes!!! it's not as hard as it looks be sure to post a picture here and do an instructables on it!!

    Really cool, however, I think that face would scare me until I got used it! Great Job, I voted!

    1 reply

    When i was building this i didnt relize he was the bad guy in the game lol

    Fun idea and so very well made! Does the clock follow the head where the 12 is at the top of the head, or does it go with the floor in that the 12 is at the side of the ear?

    1 reply

    Thats a great question!!! I will add some numbers to the head at least the 12 9 6 and 3. thanks for checking it out!

    Thanks it turned out perfect !!