Ben's Speaker

About: im a maker and designer im into the air flow industry give me a poke if u like to know more


this project is a fix of 2 old speakers that i deciedd to combine in to one

i started bt making 2 frames form wood and steal angels and went and printed the subs quarter diameter for getting the right dimension on the wood frame

i made chassis for the 2 subs and i did it with a disk cuter

next step will be to connect the 2 new 8ohm twitter i got from Amazon

by soldering them together.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

this is a sticky part when I make the slots for the amazon twitter with the old slots that were on the old speaker

after this will be finished I will make the frame and combine it to the subs cube

and then weld the cables check the sound and glue all the outside counter

Step 4:

this is the step when i connect the amazon twitters

Step 5:

starting to see the end of the project

its well connected . now i need to sound check it and the make the final stage of the outer contour



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