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About: Hi, I'm Ben. I like mechanical engineering, and using free stuff/"junk".

Hello, and welcome to my bike hacks Instructable. I will be showing you a few simple hacks that you can easily and cheaply do to your bike to make it better.

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Step 1: Better Pedals

Here is a simple hack for making your pedals work better.

Problem: The spikes that grip your shoes on mountain bike pedals are bent forward so they don't grip.

Solution: Use a vice grip or pliers to bend the spike forward.

Note: This will only work for pedals with metal spikes. Don't bend back and forth many times or the spikes may break. This worked fine for me but i am not responsible if you break your pedal(s) doing this.

Step 2: Make Your Gear Shift Easier to Read!

This will teach you how to make it easier to tell what gear you are in.

Problem: When going fast, the handlebars move around too much to tell what gear you are in.

Solution: Hide all incorrect gear #s with tape.

Note: Don't use tape that leaves sticky residue if you think you will want to take it off sometime.

Step 3: More Comfortable Handlebars!

This step will teach you how to avoid handlebar sores.

Problem: When going off jumps or mountain biking, grippy handlebars may cause sores on your hands if you don't have gloves.

Solution: Add something less sticky then rubber like paper to handlebars. See pictures...

Step 4: Other Hacks

Well i have a few other hacks on my bike...

1. My chain guard. Made from inner tubes. Inspired by this Instructable, but a strip of rubber is wrapped around my frame and secured with gorilla tape.

2. My iPod holder. Picture below and possible Instructable coming later.

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    38 Discussions


    10 years ago on Step 4

    A little box of text just told me to "be nice", so I would like to point out that I'm not trying to be mean, but isn't using your iPod/wearing headphones while riding a bike illegal?

    7 replies

    What kind of cop would care in the least about some headphone-wearing road cyclyst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The kind of cop who's responding to an accident where a motorist has hit some cyclist who was wearing headphones.


    Reply 10 years ago on Step 4

    I believe if you are riding on roads it is, but I was using this while ridding on trails around my property with no cars.


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 4

    Its illegal to wear both earphones at once, if you wear only 1 the cops will let it slide, i was pulled over on my motorbike and the police man said 1 earphone is fine. This goes for bicycles aswell.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i think the shifter idea is a very good one. i also see were you are coming from on the grip problem, i have the same problem, but the solution is just some gloves, Ive found that an old pair of batting gloves works quite well. you can also wrap fabric medical tape around where your hands rub.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    its not illegal, my friends dad is a cop and it is only illegal if you have it turned up too loud


    why would you purposely make your grips slippery, dj (dirt jumping) isnt about comfort. why wouldent you just go to your local bike store and spen 25 bucks on a decent pair of riding gloves?

    1 reply

    are you serioussssss? lol dirt jumping is all about comfort... its all flow and its supposed to feel natural and comfortable


    11 years ago on Introduction

    well with half of your hacks everyone practically knows then and most bikes come out now with a protector for the chain slap and for the paper towels you not get gloves and why would you bent your pedals are you nuts i had non grip pedals and the pedal slipped half why through a jump and i cut open my shin ( from the weight of me pushing down on the other pedal that all my weight was on when i landed)had had to get like 10 stitches in my knee imagine what would happen with these spikes that are going into you leg from bending them i think that would hear a little but don't you reckon and you normally know what gear your going in if its your bike you you can feel the tension

    5 replies

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I fail to see which of these everyone knows, but whatever helps you sleep better at night. And the reason i bent the pedals is because i hurt myself going off a jump when my feet slipped off the pedals and I landed with all my weight on the seat. as for the gears, sometimes you need to change gears quickly or you will lose your momentum. If you keep clicking the lever to move down a gear and nothing happens because you were already in your lowest gear, then the delay will make you lose your momentum.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    if your in the lowest gear it wont matter anyways.. you should be able to go by feel only, especially if its a mountain bike.. most mountain biking is all flow anyways so you barely pedal.. and you would never ben in the first gear unless going up a very steep hill... in that case you should still be able to feel it and clicking again wont do anything to your momentum... or get a da vinci bike and stop riding off road


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    you slipped off thae pedals...simple solution: dont jump. as for the gear thimg-most people no what gear they are in and can tell by feel when they are in the lowest gear


    11 years ago on Introduction

    All of your ideas are excellent bodges to solve a problem, but as most people have said there is already a 'proper' solution available that works better. If your feet slip I recommend getting SPD pedals, they lock your feet to the pedals and make things much safer especially in the wet. They will still release if you fall off, and if you intend to take your foot off the pedal, so any fears about being stuck to the bike are unfounded. Gloves are a must for cycling, if you fall off they stop you cutting up your hand when it scrapes along the ground. Plus with gloves it doesn't matter what grips you have on your bars! Chain slap guard is good... but my favorite out of your selection is the gear indicator modification... that is so cool!!