Bento Brunch

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Every Sunday I make little Bento Box Brunches for me and my friend to take with us on our famous Sunday Adventures. We like to eat delicious and healthy! I usually cook a big batch of something and use some for dinner, some for our Bento Box Brunch. Our favorites are smoked salmon with cream cheese on a homemade bagel, homemade black bean burgers, and old-fashioned beans and rice. Sometimes I try to make it all look cute so that my friends will be surprised when they open the box.

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    I eat a bento every day at work, and I only wish they were half as delicious looking as this guy here. I entered the Brunch contest too, but there's no way in good conscience I could vote for it over this 'ible. Nice work!

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    This is a bento box from Japan. I do not know what you mean by "authentic." Bentos come in many shapes, sizes, and designs! I picked this one because I like the way the colors of food contrast with the blue and it is the perfect little size for me. version of a bentobox was this:,r:2,s:0

    How cute (and delicious-looking)! Those kind are used for pre-packaged, purchased bento lunches and are meant to be thrown away after. For packed brunches and lunches, they sell plastic or wood bento boxes meant to be used over and over like a lunchbox.

    Thank you! I usually chop all the veggies and fruits once a week and cook a big pot of rice for dinners and lunch for the week. It speeds up the process a lot. The rest of the foods are usually leftovers from other dinners or, as in the case of the black bean burgers, are tiny versions made at the same time as the dinners. That way all the work is integrated into our normal cooking/meal schedule with very little extra effort when it comes time to make cute brunch boxes.

    Love those! I eat bento lunches a lot, but have never thought to break them out for brunch - silly me!

    Great inspiration :-)

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