Berd Air Tube Bender & Drilling Jig

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Intro: Berd Air Tube Bender & Drilling Jig

This is my own design of a berd air bending and drilling jig, I have included several pictures to show how it is used,The holes in the tube are at 45 degrees the reason for this was because I found the normal straight drilled tubes didn't cool fine points to well and the nozzle heat would spoil the finish,The aluminium tube used was K & S 8101 Round Aluminium Tube (Pack of 3) 3/32" Dia x0.014" Wall and can be found here NOTE:You may need to use a little wet and dry to sand the bender centre pin to a nice fit or ream the hole Tube support can be found here

Step 1:



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    4 weeks ago

    So you 3D printed a part to make a part for your 3D printer? Print-ception :)