Beretta M92FS

1. draw the of the Beretta m92FS on cardboard

2. cut out and separate the slide, trigger, trigger guard from the handle and rail on cardboard.

3. make 2 handle pieces, 2 trigger pieces, 4 trigger guard pieces, long cardboard strips 2 cm wide, 2 slide pieces.

4. roll a piece of paper into a tube that can easily fit inside the slide to make the barrel.

5. glue everything together.

6. paint the gun black.


Just remember that this is only a prop and

is not to be used in public. If you get in any

kind of trouble or problem I am not to blamed for

so have fun and enjoy building this toy and be safe.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Have you made this? It would be neat to see how yours turned out, if you wanted to upload a few photos of it.

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