Best April Fools Day Prank

Introduction: Best April Fools Day Prank


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Step 1: The Setup.

First off, If you plan on doing this prank, you must be a kid.

Second off, This is not just a prank, it is an ability to test how your parents differ.

Okay, to the instructable.

The Setup.

Unlike the title suggests this is not the setup of the prank. Since this prank involves an emotional side, you have to "con" your parents into believing that you are tired. (Note, you need at least 10 minutes to technologically set this up).

Say phrases like "I'm tired" or "I have a quiz tomorrow, I should get some sleep".

Walk to your room casually, don't make it look like you are rushing somewhere.

Step 2: What You Need


A Mac-Book (air or regular)

A device with Skype capability.

Skype app for both Device and Computer

Record/Playback capable device (MUST have headphones port)

Speakers (wired is okay, but bluetooth is preferable)

For non bluetooth speakers, headphone extension cord.


Sleeping bag, pillows and sheets.

Step 3: Building a Fake Body

The sleeping bag is your head. The pillows are your body. The sheets are your legs.

Adding Voice:

Put speakers on the side of the pillow run the wires under the body, plug it in, and take the audio cord to a secluded room.

Adding Video:

Rest your MAC on a table near the bed.

When you Skype your mac from your Skypeable device, turn the brightness on the mac all the way down (until the screen is black) and make sure the keys don't light up.

Now you can see and hear what is happening.

Also, you can say stuff

Step 4: The Trick

First off, Sorry for the lack of video, I was hiding in a closet.

1) Hide in a closet and wait for you parent to come in. Turning off the lights makes it harder for them to tell you are not in bed. Use the Skype connection to see, in the dark, you can only hear, but that is all you need.

2) Before the parent enters, record some basic things, like: "Hello", "Goodnight", or a fake yawn. Also, test to see if the volume on the speakers is your average volume (not too loud or quiet).

3) Have obstacles in the way to where your parent can tell it is not you, make them keep their distance.

4) The parent enters.

5) Use "hello" and the fake yawn. Be prepared to record and playback new things, as the parent asks questions.

6) If you have made it for a while, and the parent is about to leave record "April Fools", turn up your devices volume and play it, Loud, to startle them. Jump out of the closet and see their astonishment.

Step 5: My Experience

I set up my system and ran into the closet (ideal room)

My dad enters. The lights are on. I play the "Hello" recording and the yawn. He says goodnight, and so do 'I'. He turns the lights off and leaves, not knowing that the 'person' in the bed was not me.

My mom enters. The lights are off. I play the "Hello" recording and the yawn. She asks how my day was. I record and respond good. She asks, Why are you under the covers? I recorded and 'said' "I'm upset I didn't get to prank you." (I had pranked the rest of my family already, but this was the most elaborate). She flips back the covers and realizes the person is not me, says "ha, ha" and I play "APRIL FOOLS!"

The reason I mentioned that this was a test to see how your parents differ was for this story.

My dad, without care, hopped in said goodnight and left.

My mom, stayed back to ask how my day was.

This trick is best on a parent who doesn't focus.

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    you can replace the macbook with a normal windows laptop like im planning to do (since i dont have a macbook lol)